Cambodia Bound!

I want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have partnered with me in prayer and financially supported me for this mission trip to Cambodia. God is right on time, and He has provided! I am fully funded. This means that all of my international travel, visas, lodging and food are covered!

Currently, I only need to pay for the domestic flights and US travel part of this trip. Please be praying with me for the $400 to cover those expenses that are not included in the official mission trip’s $3,000 cost.

Cambodia Bound Image

This process has required much trust and patience. Over the last month, God has made it so clear that His visions require His provision! When the final email came through showing the final donation, my eyes welled with tears! This is more than me just going on a mission trip and raising awareness. This trip is what God has called me to do as a celebration of my healing. It’s a “for such a time as this” moment because God has given me a personal message of hope and healing to share.

You see, in my mind, I had decided that if the money didn’t come in today, that God obviously had other plans! The enemy pulled out all of his lies telling me “you have nothing to offer,” “anyone can spread this message,” “who do you think you are?” The list of lies is long.

You see the enemy thinks he is crafty in his lies. I don’t know about you, but those lies he whispers sound a lot like my own voice in my head. It sounds like a lot of self-hatred. As an ex-victim, I’ve become keenly aware of these lies. I call them out for what they are. This doesn’t mean I’ve arrived, or that it is easy. The war has been hard. It’s been real and very loud, especially today. But when I’m at a breaking point, I get to run to my loving God who shows up and does what only He can do!

God is continuing to redeem me through this process. In 2013, less than 24 hours before departing on a mission trip, I was told that I would not be going with my team. I was crushed. I felt rejected, isolated and alone. I wondered why God would allow me to go through that devastation.

Why couldn’t I have been told a week before or even earlier that day? I mean, People…my bags were packed…I was ready to go! The enemy used people in authority to act on His plan. But God! What the enemy meant for harm God has turned around for the good!

Since that time, God has been restoring and redeeming a lot of brokenness. It’s not about me, nor what I want, but about what He’s called me to do. Today, I surrendered it all to Him. God has continued to remind me that it’s not about me.

God has made it so very clear that His vision requires His provision. As one of my friends told me earlier this month, “If it’s God’s will, then it’s His bill.”

God has also countered the lie the enemy had been trying to distract me with…the “anyone can spread this message” lie. God has given me the opportunity to be the voice of His message. The message that these girls are PRICELESS! They are chosen, loved and seen! God has equipped me and has asked me to speak life, hope, healing and redemption.

I know this message is true because I’ve lived it. My abuse was not through sex trafficking, but my story does include childhood sexual abuse. This is also part of what God is redeeming in me through this trip!

I am excited that I’ll be celebrating my 31st birthday in Cambodia. Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday in another country doing God’s work? But for me, it’s more than just another birthday. God is redeeming that time when more innocence was stolen from me!

It’s a message from my Father God saying, “What happened to you 15 years ago on your birthday wasn’t okay. It broke My heart.”

The enemy tried to steal my birthday. For several years, it worked, but this year, I celebrate being an Ex-Victim! The damage in my life has given me a passion to fight for others who have been abused. I can stand before those girls with my #metoo AND tell them that God heals and restores!

Thank you to those of you who have yielded to the Holy Spirit and Gods plan! I am so overwhelmed with the love and support that has been poured out! Thank you for being a part of this journey!

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